Do it yourself – S-Video to RCA (Composite) Cable / Adapter

This is part of the “How to connect laptop/ desktop computer to a TV” series
I wanted to connect my laptop to my TV so I went to some shop and got a cheap cable. It NEVER worked. I am perfectly sure that they have messed up with the wiring.
Anyways, I just pulled out the S Video jack and the AV / RCA jack from it and wired it up. Worked like a charm.
What you need:
1) Soldering Iron
2) Ceramic Capacitor 470pF Recommended (Capacitors with larger values would work but it might make the pictures … um … slightly unclear). You will get this in some electronic items like radios, monitors etc (Technically ANY electronic item). I salvaged a 1000pF capacitor out of a broken monitor.
How to identifiy a Capacitor:
You’ll find 3 numbers.
1) Write down the first two number.
2) Third number is number of zeros after the first two numbers.
Eg :
102 – 1000 pF
471 – 470 pF
1) Wire it up as per the picture. 🙂

Number Description Pin Color Coding
Ground (Y)
Ground (C)
Y – Intensity (Luminance)
C – Color (Chrominance)
Signal through Ceramic Capacitor

How to connect a Laptop / Computer to a TV

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  • Kiran

    What is the purpose of the capacitor?

  • Suhas

    @kiran It is used to filter out unwanted chrominance …

    If you don't use it, you'll have very bright colours … imagine a super bright red shirt 🙂

  • if u only have 1000pf capacitors, u could wire two of them in series to get you closer to 470pf (500pf)

  • Anonymous

    Definitely …. I never thought of it. Maybe I was a super noob when I tried this.

  • Computerdoc0069

    perhaps you could use a potentiometer across the cap to control chroma level

  • Wolfwood

    Thanks for this, worked great!

    Connecting a pot might be a good idea too, or a trimmer capacitor, although they aren’t exactly cheap in the higher ranges.

  • Ansari Azad

    nice explanation.. i really appreciate  

  • Nick Gilbertson

    unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. My screen stayed black. Also, i got a very good shock when i touched the wire… plus, the s-vid i’m using has four cables, but they are either white or black. The white one has a wire rapped around another that is insulated, the same with the black | wire | wire | rapped | Kinda like shown<-

  • Test

    I made it now and it works. Thanks a lot

  • MOS

    low pass filter

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