Do it yourself – Make a VGA to Component Cable

Ever wanted to connect your computer to your HDTV? Obviously for better resolution, clarity, etc. You can make a cable for it and again this is just for hobbyists like me.

This time I am not going to write a noob friendly tutorial like my previous post because this is pretty simple and straight forward.
What you need:
1) A VGA Cable
2) AV / RCA plugs (You can pull this out from spare wires)
3) Soldering Iron
1) Cut out the male part (picture) of the VGA cable.
2) You can find Shielded wires like this.
3) You will be needing Red, Green, Blue Shielded wire. Other wires are uneccesary. You’ll find ground wires inside every shielded wire.
4) Solder these wires to the RCA cables. Signal –> Signal. Ground –> Ground. (This is pretty simple, if you have any doubts/problems just comment)
5) Put some insulation tape or hot glue to prevent false signals.
6) Plug it on to your TV and test it out.

So lazy that he can’t even fill this column out.

  • Anonymous

    not so nice as an article.
    fif not help me at all, massa suhaas

  • Suhas

    @Anonymous… Yea, I know…I'll revamp it sometime later…

    massa? what's that?…english please…

  • Anonymous

    does it work

  • Suhas

    yes it does… just make sure its an HDTV (720p and above)..

    else try

  • anonymous

    may i know how can i differentiate which is ground wire in the shielded wire? and the component wires color should be red,yellow and white, isn’t it? is it same wif red blue green?

  • Domtron Vox

    @anonymous This is for TVs that have red, green, and blue video input. Not the older TVs that have one video, and one audio RCA connection. I personally was looking for a way to go from vga to a single RCA line. Thanks for the article though.–Domtron Vox

  • Asdfsdf

    will this work for a crt tv with rgb input (i am guessing its rgb,there are red , blue green  colored inputs).

    will it work if i set  the resolution and timing on my graphics card.

    or is that different from vga?

    thanks in advance.

  • Kylemaes

    The one I had only has Red, Green, And blue… But they are not shielded and each wire has a weird rubber in the middle that the wire raps around after I stripped it… BTW guys this cable will work take it from the guy that works on electronics specifically digital displays and has worked on analog displays (building controllers and such), Quit whining the VGA may have a SYNC timing but usually if your tv has a digital controller input (Not a tv from 1960’s even though they cant do it because they dont have the seperate RGB input anyways) It has to be a tv from 2004 and up I would say… My tv doesnt support greater than 720p/i through its DVI port but I can custom resolution it too… Games do not work as they don’t support greater than native resolution so I downloaded PowerStrip from 3dGURU and configured my own driver to what I want BAM it worked… All games played in 1080i but after a restart it didnt work anymore and no matter what i did with my monitor drivers nothing would work… So that is why I’m here just to read up on it see if it would actually work propperly and yes it does the TV samples at a solid frequency…

  • Kylemaes

    Back again, Theres a little more to it than whats posted here, Your VGA cable should come with a ground and that would be pin 5 (Refer to this picture Look to PIN 11 “ID0” This is the ID pin of your screen, this is a digital pin, if it is pulled low it is a color (Put to ground), if it is not connected to anything it will be mono (greyscale), it knows this when its not grounded because of an internal pullup resistor… Pretty much this will work but you may need to ground some pins off!

  • Kylemaes

    Refer to the above comments!

  • Kylemaes

    Red Yellow White is not all video, Your Red and White is left and right audio while your yellow is a different standered of video data… This will not work your tv must have a RED, GREEN, And BLUE plug on it, This is for 1080p and 1080i… I wouldnt reccommend trying to put it all on that yellow pin you might get a really messed up picture, maybe just a solid color I am not sure… It wont damage your tv but it will be a waste of your time and some good cables…

  • Kylemaes

    Probably his name, He doesn’t have great English I guess he’s not American/Canadian…

  • Untalmau

    I just need the video, and the 3 RCA , I guess they are sound left / right and video.which one is only the video ?not working for me. please help.thanks

  • iko

    not working ;(
    Tried to connect wii component cable to 42″ Hitachi LCD through RGB in but no joy …

  • Gangadri

    I Cant Understand can you please email me video to my mail or youtube. This is my Gmail Adress [email protected] Thank you very much please Email me Dont forgot to email thanks

  • Mealane8

    You said:

    “Dude, you are retarded, the VGA standard does not have the sync signal on the proper channel for a regular tv to accept and function properly.”
    If this is so, please explain why you can buy a VGA/RCA adapter for a few dollars online?
    Thanks for your time!
    God bless!

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  • Eugene E Jones

    actually the cord works great..i use it to hook my 360 to my epson 1810p projector…im currently running 1080i on my video settings..i cut the component cables and connected like he said and it worked..just no sound wich is fine since sound source is different

  • Eugene E Jones

    i did it. it works on my projector at 1080i..but wont work on pc monitor any ideas

  • suhastech

    It only works on HD displays (720p like your projector or 1080p)

  • Soran Satar

    i try to do it but the problem is the pict is not setable and i want to tell you that i do just like you said , please can i contact you on facebook this is my account (soran.satar) i want to send you the pict

  • Biswarup Bhattacharjee

    how can I know witch is Signal –> Signal. Ground –> Ground.

  • Christos

    What about Number 4 And what is th ID2
    Thanks for your time!!!

  • Kyle Maes

    Number 4 pin (ID2) seems unnecessary. All you need to do is make the video output color and should set.

  • MindAmp

    LOL. Total troll post. This is converting VGA to RGB. Not VGA to Component (RCA (was a brand, nothing to do with spec or cable type)).


    i need help i connect every thing as said but i try to use to connect a dvd and a monitor it is not working

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