[DIY] Stereo input for the Sony Ericsson Portable Speakers

My mum wanted a portable speaker for her iPod (She’s obsessed with this article about headphones being bad for her ears). I had almost ordered the xMini speakers when I remembered I already had a portable speaker from my Sony Ericsson W810i.

It didn’t have a stereo (3.5 mm) port, just the Sony Ericsson connector. If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I’m the cheapest ass in town :D. I soldered in a stereo setup, here’s how.

1) Open up the Speaker using Torx 6 screwdriver (T6).

2) Solder the connection as per this pic. It also needs an external power source (+5V), you can use USB, a 5V adapter, or even a discarded battery 😀



3) Here are some alternative points that I could find out (I broke the Sony Ericsson port *facepalm*).


4) Erm, thats it. Do all the cosmetic stuff (I <3 Hotglue) and Tada!

Sony Ericsson speakers charging

Playing on the hot seat (I mean the charging dock 🙂 )

This time, I have a video for you. By this, I’m launching my YouTube Channel. There’ll be better videos so, don’t forget to subscribe 😉

So lazy that he can’t even fill this column out.

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  • Samy

    Good one dude
    Even I had an useless 810i speakers n now they r not


  • Guille

    So what do you recomend? It seems easier to deliberately break the Sony Ericsson port and solder the cables on the back part of the card..

  • @Guille … Don’t break it… Just open it, and solder the connections…

    By this, you can also use it with your sony ericsson mobile.

  • Guille

    Thanks dude! I’ll let you know how it went!

  • Guille

    It worked perfectly fine! I also put some melted silicone on top of the solders so as to keep them firm.. And I’m already working on a small device that will allow it to be used with a 6V battery. I’ll send you some pics so that you can upload it to your site if you’d like. Thanks for the tutorial man!

  • @guille … That’s awesome..

    Will definitely add it to the post 🙂

  • Roko

    noo, the images are down 🙁

  • Gautham Ind

    hello suhas.. ive been searching for such post for a long time… dont know how i missed this one.. real good job.. but i have another query.. is there any way i can eliminate that extra battery setup… i wanna connect these speakers to my ipod touch to use it as a table alarm.. i need it to end only with a 3.5 mm jack so i can connect and disconnect easily.. can it draw power from the 3.5 mm jack like the older computer speakers used to?? please do reply.. thanx in advance.. [email protected]

  • Anonymous

    It’s back up. 🙂

  • Leviatan

    Just done this with my little orange speakers, for long time unused, and they sing again!
    I’ve used a spare fastport connector, so the speakers are not modified. Now I’ll put the connector and battery in a nice box with minijack and ready to rock with my new android!

  • Doniharis, Indonesia

    thank you for showing me the pin-out of sony ericsson socket/connector, this is exatly what i’m looking for…..

    thanks alot….

  • Juris Plakans

    i did the same with my MPS-60 [the same problem with connector].
    added some extra features- 4x950mAh batteries and nokia BH-103 bluetooth headset. Works just fine. 😀

  • Hijacks
  • Mradulag

    can u tell me circuit of this… so that i can make a new pcb.. because soldering is not a easy task

  • Milad ED

    great! I fixed mine too! But I used a USB cable for power cord!

  • Umesh


    Hey Suhas…. You rock man…

    I have been hunting for this, for quite some time now… I
    even found one Mod post, but unfortunately in that case the modifier had not included the
    amplifier, it was a direct wire soldering conversion to 3.5mm Jack… Which I
    implemented and was disappointed at the volume and sound! In that same thread another
    guy pointed out that the amplifier could be used however the pinout assumptions
    didn’t work out…. after searching for days it is ONLY your post that really
    made sense and BINGO it works just PERFECT!!!  The best part about your upload is your
    Tutorial/guide/Info… which helps even a layman like me with minimal
    technical knowledge to perform this mod. Great Job, greater SHARE… Thanks
    buddy !

  • Nitant25

    Hi everyone,can any one tell me the audio ic’s used in mps60 sony ericsson spks,
    Tks,looking for the response

  • Rajmaradia

    please mark ri ch,le ch,gnd from stereo port,+vcc,gnd for pic below

  • SGK

    Hi. TOO GOOD. I lost my Sony Er.. mobile and want to make use of the MPS-60 spks. I have done the wiring. I’m using the same charger/adapter for powering these speakers. It works well but the circuit board heats up within 1 minute. I’m using it for my tablet. Is there any defect in my wiring? why that heats up? Do I have to use battery (5Volts) The charger which I’m using is 4.9 v (Sony Ericson charger) Do I have to convert the power source to USB? will that heat also? Let me know Thanks in advance.

  • ajith

    adipoly machi its useful thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • can u send me in the details video in hindi with details if u have with good pic. suhas.

    cause i have sony ericosson MP60 and whats to convert the jack in 3.5MM.

    Please can u do it for me…….

    my email id :- [email protected]

  • babu

    hi man its great thankxxxxxxxxxxxx,can i use this with my laptop

  • Mihir Chaudhary

    Hi Suhas…I wanted to know if there any way to use these speakers with android phone directly through usb mini port???….some thing like audio dock…I heard that there is support for audio dock in android 4.0.
    please reply if there is any possibilities……

  • Robin

    Thanks Suhas… Keep posting such Innovative Ideas .. My old useless MPS-60 Speakers got new life.. 🙂

  • Pablo

    Great Job man!! Thanks to you I had resurrected my w380 speakers!! I had to some micro soldering since my speakers didn’t had that board separated like the w810i, but what I did was use the female connector from my destroyed w380 and now it’s working!!


  • Samuel Marchán Fernández De Di

    Someone has the exact conections and components that i need to do this?

  • savan patel

    thanks… suhas it’s work…:)

  • assem

    what can i say ……….thanks alot you made my day twice hero 🙂

  • Darie

    Made a little video with a couple tips – thanks Suhas – AWESOME AWESOME guide


  • Jemshad

    Thanks Suhas! This has been a long pending task for me and I just completed it.

  • biivin george

    thanx brother.. i also made my mps 60 usable..

  • tar_ek

    this is how we do it in Morocco.

  • Tejas Melkote

    Awesome idea and pin layout. Here’s what I could do…
    Used USB as power source and concealed all the cabling inside the case. Removed the ericsson connector. Have to admit that soldering took a while. Got it done. Thumbs up for the inspiration Suhas.

  • Edward Newgate


  • Russell

    Thanks a ton Suhas. I had purchased these speakers additionally for my Sony W800 handset and dint part with them even when I sold the handset… always new I wanted to make use of them. You have helped me realise that. Kudos and keep up the good work.

  • ro0ter

    Thank you for the idea and for the pinouts, it really did the trick!

    I added an extra microusb female port, glued to the pcb with superglue, I cut the case NICELY so that it fits and on the other side I added a jack audio cable from a pair of broken headphones, kept inside with a zip tie (cable looped and zipped together so that it cannot be pulled out).

    The setup works flawlessly, except for some sporadic pauses… don`t know why…

    EDIT: the speakers stop due to the eNB power bank (3×18650, independent)… it seems the power consumption is TOO LITTLE for the eNB power bank to actually stay awake.. led turns off…. lol :)))))))


  • hardik ravani

    thank u suhas bro

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