Change custom domain in Blogspot / Blogger using 301 redirect

I recent got myself a .com domain but I am using a domain. Both are “custom domains” so making the move was a little tricky. If you just change the domain in the publishing tab, you’ll lose all the traffic from your old domain.

The solution: You can host the old domain on a server and add .htaccess with the 301 redirection code.

You can use a free webhost for this (I recommend 000webhost). It should have a decent uptime and MUST allow editing .htaccess file. If you have a paid webhosting account, that would be great!

Note This .htaccess method of redirection works ONLY on Linux servers having the Apache Mod-Rewrite moduled enabled

Here’s what you do:

Configuring your old website

Assuming you have a web hosting account and your nameservers configured (If not, this tutorial will help you) I’ll continue to tutorial.

1) Open a FTP client like Filezilla

2) Enter your host name (normally and other credentials. Click on connect.

3) Open public_html. You should find a file called .htaccess (Make sure you can open hidden file)

4) Right click on the file and select Edit.

edit 5) Open using Notepad. Paste this code

Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule (.*)$1 [R=301,L]

Save the file.

Configuring your new website

1) Goto your Blogger Dashboard –> Settings –> Publishing Tab


2) Follow this tutorial to configure your new site. This tutorial can be followed for any domain name (.com, .net etc) not neccessarily

Phew! I think that’s about it. All your links from your old website will be redirected to the new website.

If you have any doubts, please use the comment form below.


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