Sync Pad Sync Pad

Sync Pad is a an SMS based app that lets you seamlessly sync text between your mobile and your computer.

Ever you been in a situation where your friend messages you a long address and you are too lazy to type it on the computer?

Or, maybe you want to open a web address on your mobile and you hate typing on your mobile?

Then, this is the app you are looking for.


Mobile to your Computer

Mobile to Computer

Just SMS "@sync your message here" to 9243342000*. You'll get a reply with the Address of your Sync Pad.

*Best, if you save the number as "TxtWeb" for quick access.

Access Notes on Computer

Access on Computer

Visit your Sync Pad address on your computer to access your message. The address will be of the form You can also bookmark the address for future use because, for a particular mobile, it will be constant.

Computer to Mobile

Computer to Mobile

Change the text on the Sync Pad and you will get an SMS with the same.