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How to enable ICMP ping requests on EC2 instances. No more “Request Timed Out”

I, recently, switched to the EC2 virtual instance. I wanted to check if the website is online. As usual I used the “ping” command. I thought my server was down (kinda freaked out) but the website on the browser was working fine. All I needed to do was to enable the ICMP requests: 1) Log into AWS account. 2) Click on “Security Groups”. Choose the required security group. 3) Click [...]
Open Sourcing @pushmail – An email app on SMS

Open Sourcing @pushmail – An email app on SMS

Hi all, I’m open sourcing my txtweb app @pushmail – An app that’ll send push email notifications via SMS. What is @pushmail It is an SMS app on the platform with which users can get instant email notifications via SMS. If they choose to, they can read full emails and reply to them. The user just has to setup a simple email forwarder. The “I [...]

[WAMP Server] Run PHP in Command line interface

Go to run –> type ‘cmd’ change directory to the PHP folder. You might have a different version. cd C:\wamp\bin\php\php5.3.5 Run your PHP command like “php -l file” etc.

[Solved] Apache2 mod_rewrite not working even after AllowOverride All

I recently moved to an EC2 instance because I needed a little more freedom. Plus, the 1 year free tier looked very attractive. 🙂 The pretty permalinks on my wordpress installation stopped working. Most Google searches told me to change the AllowOverride None to AllowOverride All. I tried numerous files. Finally, it seems there were 2 occurrences of the same  string in the httpd.conf file. You [...]
How to Remove Skype’s Click to Call thing from Chrome

How to Remove Skype’s Click to Call thing from Chrome

The inefficiency of Skype’s chrome plugin can be quite annoying at times. There was also no permission prompt to install the Chrome Plugin, that’s not right. And the Plugin doesn’t list in the Extension settings. Anyways, You can disable the Plugin by typing “about:plugins” in the address bar. There, disable the “Skype Toolbar”.

WordPress Hacked –

Update: It seems a new version of the attack has been made using the .htaccess files. So, this guide might be outdated. I was recently hacked by this website “” which was adding a little javascript just before </body> tag that was leading the visitors to download a malware filled flash player. I got to know about this when this particular finnish site [...]
A little say cheese moment

A little say cheese moment

Ok, Ok, I didn’t really say cheese but anyways, here goes. For

How to fetch the new line / paragraph character “n” from a GET / POST request

Here’s a little code that I wrote to correctly fetch the newline character. By URL encoding “n” you get %OA which is not decoded back as a C style new line character “n”. So, we fetch the query string to manually decode it in the correct mechanism. This is a PHP example, the theory hold good for other languages as well. function get_string_parameters($string) { $result [...]

[Solved] iPad / iPhone stuck and going back to DFU mode. Restore error 1600, 1601, 1602, 160x

Incoming searches: “ipad stuck in dfu mode after restore” “iphone stuck in dfu mode” “itunes restore 1600 error” “redsnow stuck at installing bundles” The power button on my iPad was not working. I knew it was not a hardware problem because the it wasn’t stuck or anything. It was on iOS 4.2.1. Thought this was a good time to restore to 4.3.3 and [...]
txtGPS – GPS navigation on SMS (without data plan)

txtGPS – GPS navigation on SMS (without data plan)

txtGPS is a GPS navigation system that works on SMS. So, you can use it without a Data plan i.e the internet. Might get you out of a tight spot (or you are just are just as cheap as me :D).   As you all know, GPS is free and Data plan is not. This app basically gets the GPS coordinates and sends a text message to’s number to fetch the navigation directions.   As of now, it perfectly [...]
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