Preheat or generate fragment cache on deploy – Rails 5

If you have a page that takes a lot of time to generate the cache. The first user who stumbles upon it is in pain. Sometimes it times out before it gets generated completed.

So, I created a method in one of the helper class

def self.recreate_cache

the_controller =
# Set any instance variables required by your partial in the controller,
# they will be passed to the partial with the view_context reference
the_controller.instance_variable_set "@users", User.all

view_renderer = the_controller.lookup_context
view_renderer.render the_controller.view_context, {template: 'users/index.html.erb'}


This will render all the fragment cache.

Hook this code in capistrano’s deploy method and it should be able to generate it every time you deploy. You could wrap it in a delayed job if you need your deploys faster.

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