[Fix] Computer boots up only after reset / restart

I had this problem

When I press the power button the first time, it does POST but does not detect my IDE hard drive. Then, it does not boot saying “no boot device” blah blah

After this, when I press reset (or quickly press the power button, twice), it detects my hard drive. So, my computer boots up my hard drive (Windows XP or whatever).

So, technically, the hard drive boots with a soft boot not a hard/cold boot.

I emailed Gigabyte support about this problem. As expected they gave me the default “Go to Hell” solution politely. Should I email those people to get template responses?

Anyways, heres the fix.

When will this problem occur:

I got myself a New Computer but was using my old IDE hard drive. So, my hard drive is a little bit old and slow. It can’t keep up with my new computer. The hard drive needs a little bit extra time to initialize after giving power.

The Fix:

We add a delay before the BIOS starts detecting (POST), so your hard drive will get detected every time you boot up (Yay!).

How do I do it?

Its pretty simple but the interface you get might be different from mine. Just try to find a “Delay for HDD” option in the BIOS setup.

  • As soon as you press your power button, start pressing “Delete” or “F1” or “F8” (Depends on your motherboard manufacturer). Normally, its “delete”. By this, you’ll enter the BIOS setup.
  • Switch to Advanced settings (For my Gigabyte board, I press Ctrl+F1).
  • Now, select Advanced CMOS setup. There, you’ll find “Delay for HDD (secs)”. Set it to 2.
  • If you still continue to have problem, increase it to 5 seconds or something (Note that this will increase your boot time)

zp 007

So lazy that he can’t even fill this column out.

  • Nevermind

    Great post!

  • FiruzzZ

    so sad.. my MOBO (M4A79T Deluxe) has no this option..

  • Vladas Simonauskis

    I didn’t founded such option in BIOS of Intel i845G-W83627 motherboard, but prolonged load of computer by enabeling memory test to perform on every cold boot. 1 GB of RAM test takes about the minute and meanwhile old IDE HDD gets detected and WinXP OS starts normaly.

  • Ashish Rane

    Thanks, you are a lifesaver. I was also facing with this problem recently. Your solution worked. My hard drive has also become old it seems.:(

  • Michele

    How did you prolong load of computer? How could you enable memory test to perform on every cold boot? Thanks

  • Vladas Simonauskis

    Oh, that`s dificult question now. I just fixed the problem and returned the comp to its owner. I really don’t remember, what type of BIOS it was. Also, as I see now, Intel i845G-W83627 is not motherboard name, so I can’t find what BIOS this mobo really uses. If it was some version of Award BIOS, U should find a setting “Quick Power On Self Test” in “Andvanced” section of this type of BIOS. Disable this and U will get RAM tested every time U cold boot Your machine. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/bios-beginners,1126-3.html writes, that “Quick Power On Self Test : Enabled. This will skip the repetitive
    memory count that occurs when you turn on your PC; chances are that if
    you really do have bad memory, this basic test won’t catch it anyway”.‎

  • meatwad_SSuppet

    Have you figured this out yet? How to “delay” the boot time by running the system memory test? In the Mother Boards BIOS, there is an option for “fast boot” (fast boot would be ‘disabled’ to delay the boot time) or similar. Mine has two worded slightly differently that delays by doing different hardware tests. It may be found under the BIOS’s top menu = “boot” options. They usually have a menu across the top of the screen the arrows guide you to / through. Side arrows used to go to the side, ‘down arrow’ or ‘enter’ to pick that menu option etc.

  • meatwad_SSuppet

    Fix it yet? The option would be called ‘fast boot’ ‘quick boot’ or similar. Look under a ‘boot’ menu option. The trick is to ‘disable’ any of these options, not enable them.

  • king-pin

    none of the above worked for me as I have the same problem, my solution was one stick of the ram was faulty

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