How to Remove Skype’s Click to Call thing from Chrome

The inefficiency of Skype’s chrome plugin can be quite annoying at times.

There was also no permission prompt to install the Chrome Plugin, that’s not right. And the Plugin doesn’t list in the Extension settings.

Anyways, You can disable the Plugin by typing “about:plugins” in the address bar. There, disable the “Skype Toolbar”.

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  • Cragunwatts

    When I tried to remove the Skype Click to Call program from my computer, it was impossible to do. The commands kept looping me back to an install function. Very annoying, and very much like malware. Appreciate the tip on how to disable Skype Click to Call from Chrome, but I’d be happier if I could find a way to get the thing off of my computer. 

  • Sgabby44

    I also disabled Skype Click to Call from Chrome and would also like to get rid of it from my computer. Has anyone found out how to do this?

  • Uofaross
  • Llusa34

    Go to 
    chrome://plugins/ in your pc ,roll down and unable “skype to call”..

  • davo

    How does chrome even allow this? Install of a plugin without my permission – that is not cool!

    I certainly did not ever authorize the install of skype click to call – its a very very annoying feature.

  • Thanks, that was getting really annoying, cured now. 🙂

  • Muhammad Younas

    Remove Skype Click to Call

  • Muhammad Younas

    How to remove Skype to Call

  • Henrik

    Thanks for the help by deactivating… but how can I remowe it totally from my PC?

  • Thanks this was helpful. How do I rate this 5 stars lol

  • My plugins don’t show skype, but I’ve got the skype click to call bug.

  • bob

    amazing. thanks for the help. your fix worked for me.

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