12 Volt Fan cooling mod for Xbox 360

How it works?

Primarily, as the heat increases near the CPU, the RPM (Rotations per Minute) of the fans increases.

So, lesser the voltage –> slower the fans –> Rapid heat buildup.

In this mod, we will make sure that the fan gets 12 V all the time.

Materials needed:

* Some spare wires

* A cutter

* Soldering Iron (Optional)


Assuming you already know to open an Xbox 360, if not one Google search would help.

1) Unplug the fans.

2) You can find these wires on the socket.

Blue Ground
Brown V+
Black Ground
Red V+

Cut the Brown and Red wire. Join both the wires and use some spare wires so that it reaches the 12 V source.

3) You will have to connect these wires to a 12 V source. I recommend the DVD drive source (Pinouts Below).

12V source

Here’s another picture for better understanding of the pinouts.


Cut the wire 10 as show in the picture below.

12v mod 001

Now connect the wire from the fans like this.

12v mod 002

4) Use some insulation tape and you’re done.

Note: You may experience loud noise, but in my opinion, you won’t even notice it while gaming.

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