7 Ways to search for people online

Lost contact with your childhood friend? family? Then, you have come to the right place. Almost about 50-60% of the population use the Internet, so it is a very good place to search for people. I will now list out some way you can search for people online. I could locate my grand pa using the Internet.

Find Search for people

You can search for people if know their name (duh!), phone number (using Reverse telephone lookup), College (Alumni), their Social Security number (there’s a slight chance of you having it!)  

1) Google – Sometimes luck can turn up in your way. If a person has a website / blog about himself then you are bound to find him / her.

Search for “Person’s name” “Place he is living in”

You can also try Google Blogsearch

2) Social networking sites – Most people normally have a Social networking profile in places like Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, hi5 etc.

3) Phone directory – Look up in the phone directory. Yellow Pages.

4) Alumni Associations – If you know which college he / she studied in, you can check out their alumni page. You can try Classmates.com

5) Workplace – If you know where he / she is working, you can look into their directory like the IBM Bluepages but, you need a person who works in that company.

6) People searches – You can try some free people search engines like

    but most of them redirect you to the next step.

8) Intellius – If none of the steps above succeeded then, try Intellius, it is a paid service which lets you view a persons, address, phone number etc.

Some useful Pages:



http://www.bsnl.co.in/onlinedirectory.htm (India only)

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