Airtel Mobile Office Manual GPRS settings

I was using this Airtel Mobile Office connection that would take forever to load/connect. I called up the support people. As expected, they were of no use. It seems that Airtel has scraped the proxy ( So, here are the new settings.

Basically you need to configure your GPRS with these settings. For Nokia users, SMSing MO to 543210 would be the easiest option. For other users, like Motorola and those cheap chinese mobiles, here are the settings.

For Motorola: Web Access –> Web Session –> Options –> New.

Name: Whatever you want

Homepage: Whatever you want ( or something)

Access Point Network (APN):

That’s it. Others settings are the default ones like:

Connection type: HTTP

Auth. Type: Normal

Proxy: Disabled

Data Bearer: Packet Data

Username: Leave Blank

Password: Leave Blank

Use preferred access point: No

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