All in one SEO Pack for Blogger / Blogspot platform

This is useless. Meta tags are deprecated. Off you go, now.


Yes, you heard it right, not for WordPress but for blogger. I’m calling it “SEO Blogger”.

This is something I’ve been working for a little while now. This is based on my previous post about conditional tags. Some of you might also remember the Meta tag generator. This is maybe the end result of all that.

It does everything automagically. Behind the scenes, it loads the XML template. Searches for previously written meta tags and puts it in the input fields. When you change it, the changes are incorporated in the template and submitted. All of this happens Client side. So, we don’t need “Blogger Team” to support it (BTW, are they sleeping?).


This works on Firefox and Google Chrome. Google Chrome has GreaseMonkey installed by default.

1) Download Greasemonkey addon if you haven’t done it on Firefox. Restart you browser.

2) Click on this installation link. And it will install the script.

This will basically takes care of everything. It’s almost similar to the WordPress.

<note>: Your meta data will be stored in your template. When you change the template, you’ll lose the that. So, before changing the template, copy all the tags. It will be similar to:

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == &quot;;'>
<meta content='This is the description' name='description'/>
<meta content='these, are, some, keywords,' name='keywords'/>

Copy all of these tags. Paste it in the new template just before </head> tag.


Features to be implemented:

* Template upload without dealing with the copy paste crap (Yes, it’s possible)

* Meta tags for home page

* And I’m open to feature requests

Let me know if you have any bugs. If you like it, use it and link to this article (please, don’t steal it)

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Day by day, this will keep adding more tags to the template file. So, will it slow down my website?

Ans. No, it will not. Your template is kind of like a program which the blogger engine parses everytime a visitor, visits your website. The meta element will only be loaded if a particular page is visited. So, it will not slow down your website.


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