[WordPress] Category Specific Feed

You sometimes wish you had a feed with just posts from a specific category. Its pretty easy.

1) Find your category ID. Login to your WordPress Dashboard –> Posts menu (left sidebar) –> Categories and then click on the required category.
category page wordpress

Now, look at your address bar. You’ll have tag_ID=somenumber. That is your Category ID.

Like this:

2) When you have your Tag ID, enter this on your address bar.


Eg: http://suhastech.com/?feed=rss&cat=145

3) Now, you’ll be automatically redirected to your feed specific URL.

Extra notes:
1) You can change it to atom feed by replacing “rss” by “atom”.
2) If you want, you can exclude a particular category from a feed, just put a “-” before the category ID.
3) More info.

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