Cheap / Better Alternative to a HDTV – Monitor TV

Update: This doesn’t work anymore. HDTVs are cheaper than Monitor TV.

Diwali and the Holiday season is almost here, we are gearing up for an upgrade. So thought this would be a good idea.

I have seen that HD Monitors are cheaper than HDTVs with the same configuration. So, all you have to do is, buy a monitor, External TV tuner with VGA out, 2.1 speakers. This would be a cheaper solution.

Links (Well, these are just searches):

TV Tuner with VGA out, 2.1 Speakers, Monitors

Monitor TV

Comparison Chart:

22” Monitor Rs. 8500 $170
External TV Tuner Rs. 5000 $100
2.1 Speakers Rs. 1000 $20
Total Rs. 16000 $290
22” HDTV Rs. 20000 $400

Note: These are Approximate Values. So, research about this before buying. If you have a decent monitor already, this is the best option.

So, you save about $110 / Rs.5500.

LG’s Monitor is also a good option.

Optional: If you have a computer, you can also get a VGA switch to switch displays.


  • Cheap
  • Better sound from 2.1 speakers


  • Separate Parts

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