Do it Yourself – Cheap Portable iPod / Laptop Speakers

At time, you might get annoyed with those irritating ear plugs and you would want to get a portable speaker. You go on Ebay and search for it….. and BAM! … it costs about $50!! You’re in the same position? Here’s the tutorial you are looking for:

Disclaimer : This sounds fairly good but please don’t expect Sennheiser quality here.

Better Speakers: [DIY] Stereo input for the Sony Ericsson Portable Speakers

The features are:

1) Battery less (No hassles)

2) No Electronic Knowledge required

3) Easy to make

Note: As there is no amplifing circuit involved, you wont get loud music but enough for one room, I guess.

Material Required:

1) A speaker cone. (bigger the better). You can find these on some toys, old radios, cassette players, technically any junk that emits sound.

ipod_speaker 003 ipod_speaker 001

2) A Stereo Wire (Headphone wire would also do)


3) Soldering Iron (Sort of Optional, but highly recommended)


1) Cut the stereo wire, you will find 2 wires (insulated ones) that is, Left channel – Right Channel and Ground (No separate insulation can be found)


2) Get the speaker cone. You can find 2 terminals. Connect one wire (say, left channel) to one terminal and connect the other wire(say, right channel) to another terminal. Connect ground to both the terminals. Solder it.

ipod_speaker 002 Testing 1, 2, 3….

3) Check it with an Ipod. If it works. Make a Box (Or recycle some box), put everything inside and you’ll have something like this….

ipod_speaker 004

Success?? Problems?? Please comment…

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