Do it yourself – Make a VGA to Component Cable

Ever wanted to connect your computer to your HDTV? Obviously for better resolution, clarity, etc. You can make a cable for it and again this is just for hobbyists like me.

This time I am not going to write a noob friendly tutorial like my previous post because this is pretty simple and straight forward.
What you need:
1) A VGA Cable
2) AV / RCA plugs (You can pull this out from spare wires)
3) Soldering Iron
1) Cut out the male part (picture) of the VGA cable.
2) You can find Shielded wires like this.
3) You will be needing Red, Green, Blue Shielded wire. Other wires are uneccesary. You’ll find ground wires inside every shielded wire.
4) Solder these wires to the RCA cables. Signal –> Signal. Ground –> Ground. (This is pretty simple, if you have any doubts/problems just comment)
5) Put some insulation tape or hot glue to prevent false signals.
6) Plug it on to your TV and test it out.

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