[Fix] Processor / CPU stuck to the Heatsink

I had this computer from my dad’s office to mess up with (I mean fix it 🙂 ). I wanted to remove the Processor. So, as per the normal procedure, I unlocked the hinges and pulled (a little)! The Processor came out with the Heatsink! It was stuck. The thermal paste was like super glue now. I tried all the voodoo magic tricks (Blades, alcohol etc) I could find, with no success. Luckily, no pins were bent.

What if you use Blades: If you stress the processor too much, you’ll end up trashing the damn thing.

Why did it get stuck?

It is because of the thermal paste between the surfaces of the Processor and the heatsink. The air particles  in the thermal paste vacate due to the pressure applied by the heasink. Now, pulling it will be like pulling a plunger. Stronger than super glue!

Here’s the fix:

I knew that the Thermal Paste would soften with heat. Here’s an idea that worked. Yea! It’s that simple!


Hold the metal part of your Heatsink to your Iron Box. Two minutes should be enough, I guess. Now, put all your fingers (except the thumb) on one side of the processor, rest your wrist on the side of the heatsink and pull with moderate effort. Do it on all sides and it should come off the heatsink by now.

Note to self:
Next time, If you want to remove the heatsink. First, switch on your computer for about 15 mins and shut it down. Then, try to remove the processor.

Still stuck? Please, feel free to comment.

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