Free Windows XP Vista Style

Here is a simple tweak to make your XP look like Vista.

1) Download BricoPack Vista Inspirat Ultimate 2
2) Double click and go through the setup.
Note: This may slow down your PC, but if you have a decent 2.4ghz P4, 512 MB RAM it works flawlessly.
If you want a vista bootscreen, try this:

1) Download Vista Boot Screen for XP
2) Extract this to your Desktop.
3) Shutdown your PC.
4) Press the Start button and start hitting F8 button.
5) Choose ‘Safe Mode’
6) Boot into it and copy ‘ntoskrnl.exe’ to ‘C:Windowssystem32’
7) It will ask for an overwrite, press yes. (Better if you keep a backup of the original ‘ntoskrnl.exe’
8) Restart the machine and your done.

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