Get $50 Google Adwords Credit for 1 cent

Surprised by the title? Yes! You can get $50 Adwords credit for $0.01. Basically, HostGator give out $50 Adwords credit with every web hosting plan. There is a voucher where you get 1 month hosting for 1 cent. So, $50 credit for 1 cent!

Disclaimer: Offer only available in the United States and Canada.

1) Sign up for the HostGator Baby Plan. Enter any domain of your choice (even would do) :D.

2) Enter “hgc25” (without quotes) inside the coupon column.


3) This is what you get. Pay 1 cent using PayPal or any other service.


4) Now, Go to the Hostgator Control Panel. Click on “Redeem Now” and follow the instructions.

adwords coupon

So, How did it go? Please comment.

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