How to connect a Laptop / Desktop Computer to a TV

Many people would want to connect their Computer to their TVs for better resolution and Quality. TVs can be a better alternative for a Monitor. Here are some of my articles which will help you do so.

For HDTVs (High Definition Television)


Some HDTV have VGA slot which will let you connect your computer easily with a VGA Cable. But many don’t have it, but do have Component Cable.

For that, you can make a VGA and Component Cable. Click Here. (If you aren’t very experienced, i think you can buy one)

For SDTVs (Standard Definition Television)


You can use an S-Video port on your Computer. You can connect it to the AV ports (Composite) using a S-Video to Composite Cable. (Again, you can buy it but, its more fun this way)
You’ll need this port.

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