How to Copy Music / Songs from an iPod

Apple is a company which is combating piracy by not letting people download songs from the Ipod. That’s really dumb, in my opinion. First of all, its ‘our’ songs that we are talking about, they won’t let us backup? Second, they aren’t really successful.

Ok, today I am going to show you various ways to copy songs from your iPod.

1) Using a Free Application

Download this app. You can Copy any file you want.


2) With a Paid Software. You can copy Podcasts, Movies, TV shows, Audio books, Games etc. and of course Music. Here’s the link.


3) With No software

Note: You’ll get files with goofy names.

Go to iPod: –> iPod__Control –> Music (Make sure that, you can view Hidden Files) . You’ll find these 3 folders.


And their goofy names. Just copy your Music.


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