How to Create a Free Professional Website, Simple and Easy

Many of us start blogging with either minimum or no investment initially. As a matter of fact even sites like Google had the same plan!
Basically to create a website, you need
1) Web-hosting service


I recommend X10hosting. 250 MB hosting bandwidth, but you will have to login to their forums every two week. That’s not much to ask for a fabulous service, in my opinion. Here are other Free Hosting services.

2) A domain name

Once you register a hosting service, you’ll need a domain name. You can have a free domain (technically, a sub-domain) on CO.CC. You’ll get a domain like Register a free domain. There are other free domains like CO.TV, CO.NR etc

3) Connecting the hosting provider and the domain name

You need to link the hosting service and your domain. This can be done by name servers. You just need to log in your domain registrar’s control panel (CO.CC in this case) an then add the name servers given by your hosting company (X10hosting in this case)


Note: There are also other ways like CNAME Records etc

4) Website Scripts

Well, you need content and the content should be presented in a good way. This can be done by installing scripts on your server.

Some recommended free scripts:

  1. WordPress – Blogs
  2. PHPBB – Forums
  3. If you need to make a small website, you can hit me with an email. I’ll do it for free.
  4. Many more … just google
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