How to make a USB Charging dock

I have my computer switched on all day long. Charging mobiles takes up all my plug points. Some mobiles don’t have USB Charging option. Even if they do, they go to the bugging ‘File transfer mode’. So, I thought of making a charging dock. It’s pretty simple to do actually. You basically charge your mobiles with the 5 volt power supplied by the USB port.

What you need:

1) A couple of cables from the charger or this would be very handy.


2) USB Cable

USB Cable


1) Cut open the USB Cable. You can find 4 wires. The red (5 volts) and black (ground) is all you need.

2) Connect the positive wire to red wire of the USB cable. Connect the ground to the black wire of the USB Cable.

3) Tape the wires and that’s about it.

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