How to Overrun / Crack BIOS ’s CMOS Password

Some of us might be in a tight spot when we forget our passwords. If we forget the BIOS Password, it might be very hard to crack (because no software can be used). So, we just reset EVERYTHING.

For Noobs: BIOS password is the password which can be set on the BIOS setup (The Black or Blue dull screen), not on the Operating System.

How it Works?

Even if you shut your PC down, it remembers the settings all with the help of a battery. With this off the circuit for a while, it forgets it all, even the password :D.


Power down and open up your Computer. You can see a battery (see picture). Remove it, put it back after about 5 seconds.

Motherboard Battery

Now, switch on your computer. You will greeted with an error – “’Checksum Wrong, Settings Wrong etc”. You just press load optimized defaults (F1, F2 Delete…Whatever).

You’re Done!! 🙂

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