How to recover deleted photos from your Digital Camera

Imagine, you go to some heavenly place and click some beautiful photos, you try to tweak some settings and BAM!! delete the most beautiful photo. Don’t worry you can retrieve it back.

How it works?

When you delete a photo, the camera doesn’t delete the photo but kind of hides the photo. When click more photos the deleted photos will be over written.

Note: You can’t retrieve every single photo because some might have been overwritten.

What you need?

1) A data recovery software (one Google search would do) but I would recommend Recover My files (Shareware) but does the job (It can recover files up to 300 MB)

or You can try PC Inspector Smart Recovery (Freeware)

2) A Card reader or a camera which shows the drive (not which run by ‘Window Fax and Camera Wizard’)

How do you do it?

I think some of you might have guessed it but, here goes:

Recover My Files (Shareware)

Just use the Data Recovery software to recover files from your Digital Camera (Its pretty Straight Forward).

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