How to Repair / Recover a Waterlogged device – Mobiles, Flash drives, iPods, Cameras

Watering Electronics

Electronic devices hate water. Many of us have ended up wrecking our Mobile Phones, PDAs, Flash drives, iPods, Digital Cameras etc by putting it in water. I recently had my pants washed with my Pen drive in it. Fortunately, I could recover it. Here’s how.

  • Remove the battery instantly.
  • Don’t switch the device on or charge it what so ever. This can lead to short circuits.
  1. First, clean the places you can reach with a soft cloth.
  2. Now, you still have water inside your device. To remove it you need to provide some small amount of heat. Here’s some stuff you can do.
  • Your body temperature can help, put it in your pocket, go out for a jog or work out for sometime.
  • If you are a little geekish, open up your computer cabinet. Place your device on the Hard disk. (I left it for a day) In my opinion, this is the best way. You can think of other ways too.
  • Don’t be in a hurry to switch it on. Don’t do anything stupid stuff like putting it in the oven.

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