Install Linux on your USB Flash Drive

Yes! You can do this. I had my hard drive broken for some days. So, for the time being I used this to browse the Internet etc. VERY handy tool.

1) Download this file.
2) Extract the contents to your flash drive.
3) Double click on ‘makeboot.bat’. This make your flash drive bootable.

4) Restart and you are good to go.

Login and passwords:

User: root password: root

User: guest password: guest

If you have Windows booting everytime but not linux.
1) Boot up your machine.
2) Keep pressing ‘Delete’ for some time. (Boot into the BIOS setup)
3) Select Boot Priority.
4) Assign the first priority to your flash drive.
Sometimes you might have disabled ‘USB Boot’, enable it on the BIOS setup. Rarely, your motherboard might not suppot USB Boot.

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