New Xbox LIVE Update Preview Experience

I just got my hands on the Xbox LIVE update with Facebook, Twitter,Update, Zune apps. This is a decent update, but not a ground breaker. It still has some bugs which, I am sure that, it will be taken care of in the Final Update.Here is a quick review.

  • Only Gold members can enjoy this update.
  • & Zune only for US & Canada regions.
  • Unauthorized HDD will not work.
  • Chatpad / Keyboard would be needed.


You can read and post tweets, but you cannot follow or unfollow etc. You can watch out for Trending Topics. You can also Search twitter. Pretty Basic.


Facebook implementation is pretty decent. You can post status messages, read news feeds, see photos etc. Again, its pretty Basic. Sadly, you cannot chat with your friends.

Free music – who wouldn’t want that? This was my most anticipated feature, but it isn’t available here. One disadvantage which I could experience (without using LOL) is that we can’t play music in the game or on the dashboard. 

You can use these features on your PC with greater ease. There is no extra feature like automatic achievement update or something like that. Why would they want to use this?

I couldn’t access the other two features because, I am not in  US.

Verdict: It is not an Extraordinary Update. Its very restrictive as this is Microsoft. Personally, I would rather have a Web-browser option than this.

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