PC Game Review – Minecraft

One of the awesome game ever made! Why is it so good?? Why is it so popular even though it doesn’t have ANY graphics?? Well read on and find out!

It starts of with a bright day, you are dumped on a random generated map!! The maps are infinite( That’s right! It keeps rendering more as you keep traveling! :D) Well, the game name says only a part about the game, that is you can mine! There is lot more fellas!


The game is still in BETA stage and already thousands are addicted to it and achieved the impossible. There’s no tutorial, you can look up online or figure out yourself…

The first few things you notice are the huge mountains, trees, water, ice and cubical cows! EVERY block in the game can destroyed, collected and place else where! (except the bedrock stone found VERY deep). It doesn’t end there, at night creepy zombies and spiders roam around! If you don’t have a decent shelter, they will kill you! The game is survival, exploration, experimentation and most importantly CREATIVITY!



Chop trees, make planks, build houses, collect rocks, make castle, lay tracks and make mine cargo system, add switches and make circuit connections, dig for gold and diamonds, slaughter monsters, kill pigs for meat… The list in endless!!

The first thing you have to do when the game starts is make a decent shelter for the night.. you don’t want to be around when the monsters come out in the night! You can expand later…

Make a work bench! How do you do it? Collect wood, convert them to wooden planks! Just place in the 2×2 crafting box and you’ll get planks! Place 4 planks in the crafting slots and you get a working bench!


Select the bench and click on the ground and pop! There ya’ have it! A work bench! Just right click to use it. What can you do? It has a 3×3 crafting slots, you can make tools like sword, shovel, axe, hoe, pickaxe etc You can just place a few rocks and sticks to get pickaxe.. You need to place in a specific pattern like so…



Also build a furnace so you can smelt the ores to get the metals… You can smelt sand for glass, cook pig meat etc

Now, start digging!! You’ll be needing lots of iron to make long lasting tools and you will rarely find it on the surface, you have to dig down for them!!

Warning: Never dig straight down, up or ahead! You keep digging straight down and you’ll end up in a lava pool or fall a great height! You’ll never know what’s below you! Don’t stick to the wall while digging ahead, the might gust out and burn you… Keep a safe distance and dig so you can block the lava before it floods the place!

Don’t like mining?? Farm then! Find seeds, plant, water them or plant them near a water body… You will get wheat after a few days, make hem into bread and eat!

Make sure you keep plenty of food in your inventory. You can kill pigs for meat. You can consume raw or roast them in a furnace!! There block do NOT obey gravity except for sand and gravel.

While exploring you will find some huge cave system!! You are likely to find plenty of coal, iron, gold and perhaps diamond if you travel deep down! Before entering make sure you have a weapon, plenty of food, necessary tools and a emergency grafting table. There will be monsters in the cave system! Carry LOTS of torches, it will be hell dark and you don’t want to get lost!

Set up base, near your spawn point just in case you die. Make sure everything is accessible from your base. Like water, caves etc. If you are creative you can make a huge castle or a nice home with windows and glasses. You will need a lot of resources but its not really that hard! If are going to travel a lot to different place and different caves then make huge towers on hills and light it up with torches! So you can see at night and not get lost!

Too complicated and boring? Want to have only fun?

Well, you can change the setting to peaceful mode and there will be no monsters at all! You can use InvEdit, and edit your inventory and get all the stuff you need!

I build a huge build and made a rollercoaster ride! That’s right! Place the cart tracks, place the carts, give a push and jump on to it! And enjoy the ride!


The game supports online play and LAN… Yes, more people, more fun!! Well start building your virtual world!

More awesome things made can be found on Youtube.

Gamer.. That describes most of me! :D Gadget freak... And I play a LOT!! I just need someone to test co op games!

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