PC Game Review – Magicka

Wondered what would you get if you combined fire and earth? A burning boulder of course! Here is a chance to combine elements like water, cold, fire, life, arcane etc and destroy mythical creatures!!

That’s right! Magicka allows players to combine elements and cast on the enemies! Watch them get electrocuted, burned, frozen and smashed to bits!!

The concept is simple and fun! Player can combine up to 5 elements, (You can repeat the element, the intensity of the element increases). You can cast it all around you, in front of you, on yourself or on your sword/staff…


If you cast the shield in front of you. A transparent glowing wall appears, If you cast around you, a shield dome appears. If you cast on yourself, you’ll gain extra protection! And if you cast on your sword, A shield appears when you strike it! If you cast Life on you sword and stab a enemy or a friend, you’ll heal him instead of hurting!!

The elements available are – Fire, water, cold, earth, arcane, earth, life and shield(Not a element, but handy!)

Each key is assigned to each element, Q – Water, W – Life, E – Shield and so on…

The game entirely depends on how fast you chose your elements and cast them!! You need to keep choosing as the enemies keep gushing!! Some special powers are available like meteor shower, revive, haste,grease etc You need to press space to use it! You can learn them by finding the books in adventure mode!

The game is pretty decent and fun(single player is not fun as multiplayer! You will die a lot in single player!)


And one more thing, You can’t use opposite elements in the spells. Like you can’t have a lighting rock! The rock and lighting cancel out each other! Similarly, Arcane and lighting, etc.. Fire and water do not cancel out each other instead it becomes steam! You can combine water and cold to get ice!

You can combine something cool like steam + arcane + lighting + fire…

Stupid mistakes people are likely to make –

1)Cast very powerful spell… on yourself..

2)Accidentally beat the shit out of your partner!

3)Trapping a monster inside your dome shield and using beams to kill it! The beams will get reflected and you’ll end up killing yourself and the troll!!



The sad part –

  • The game is pretty cheap( 9.99$) but you SHOULD update the game to play! There are too many bugs and crashes a lot!
  • The game is boring to play alone! Multiplayer = Fun!
  • There are still lots of online issues. It will be fixed soon! The co-op and LAN co-op works fine.
  • You are bound to make stupid mistakes and kill the entire team! Don’t be disheartened! 😛

Well what are you waiting for? Start your journey!


Gamer.. That describes most of me! :D Gadget freak... And I play a LOT!! I just need someone to test co op games!

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