Play old DOS games with DOSBox

Classics – The genre from the past. Some old games are just awesome – Aladdin, Dave, Doom. These games have kept me engaged for ages! I sometimes feel like playing these games nowadays but, these games don’t work in the new operating systems like, Windows 7, Vista, Mac, Linux etc. Luckily, I found this great app called DOSBox which lets you play these games. Technically, it just creates a virtual DOS environment where you can play games. You just need some basic DOS commands. This runs on ALL operating systems.


1) Copy a couple of games in to a folder (say, F:Old Games)

2) Download and open DOSBox and enter mount c F:Old games

This creates a Virtual C: where you have stuff from F:Old Games

3) Now, press C:.

To change your directory press cd C:Aladdin

press  dir to view whatever is in the directory.

Download your games from here

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