Playing Audiobooks on iPod shuffle


I was always wondering how you could listen to Audio books on an Ipod without a display because i was not sure about selecting the chapter. So I tried listening to the book (I am not a ‘reader’ kind of a person Winking ), surprisingly the audio book support is very good.

How it works:

When you listen to a Book for some time, it bookmarks the spot. When you come back to listen to it, it starts the book from your last bookmark.


I have noted that, sometimes, it plays from previous chapters. And if you press the ‘previous track’ button, you will go to the first words of the book. and fast-forwarding is a royal pain.

How to place the bookmark where ever you want?

1) Connect your iPod to your Computer.

2) You’ll have iTunes on the screen, if you don’t, open it.

3) Play the Book on the iPod.

Ipod Seekbar

4) Draw the seek bar to the place of your choice.

5) Pause the Audio Book.

6) Eject it and you’re done.

Note: You will not come across audio books when you are in Shuffle mode.

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