Review : Apple iPod Shuffle 3G Third Generation

Apple’s third-generation iPod Shuffle – The smallest MP3 Player in the World! The smallest thing in the world comes with a price – No screen (duh!), No FM radio, No Voice Recording.  Its has just one switch and an earphone port, that’s it! .

The volume controls are integrated in the headphones. So, you can’t use the old headphones (Even, if you do, you can’t change the volume etc).



  • Tiny – Height: 1.8 inches (45.2 mm) Width: 0.7 inch (17.5 mm) Depth: 0.3 inch (7.8 mm) including clip
    Weight: 0.38 ounce (10.7 grams). It as small as paper-clip.

  • Improved Audiobook and Podcast support.

PodCast AudioBook

  • 10 hours Audio Playback
  • The Usual – Awesome Apple Headphone quality.
  • The new Voice over kit – It just tells which song you you are listening. If you hear non-english songs, this feature is crap.


  • Complicated Interface – You just don’t drag and drop your songs into your iPod. You have to add it into the library then select the artist and finally press Sync (Phew!).
  • Tiny buttons – Sometimes can be irritating.
  • Controls on the headphones are high up, the headphones tend to fall down while operating.
  • If you connect this to a speaker system, you will lose the controls on the headphones.


It is a good MP3 player. Apple is going very small with their iPods but is it really needed? In my opinion, smaller the iPod, the harder it is to operate. I still prefer the Second generation iPod.

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