Send Large Files over the internet using Torrents

Sending large files over the internet came sometime be painful. You might think of some free filehosting company like Rapidshare, Sendspace but there are not, technically, free.

They ask for some stupid premium charges and stuff but, did you know that torrents can be a good alternative? And for the people who think Torrents are illegal, its just a myth! Its legal.

Also, if you want to create torrent files for online trackers, click here.

Download uTorrent. install it.

To make your own torrent network

If you want to share your file just with your family members or a friend, use this method.

1) Check out your IP address at WhatsmyIP.

2) Click on Options –> Preferences –> Connection and check out your port.


PS: You should have your port forwarded. If you haven’t yet done that, do it right away.

3) Click on File –> Create New torrent. Now set the options as per the picture below.

Add http://YOURIPADDRESS:YOURPORT/announce to the tracker list.

Super Private Torrent

4) Send this file to your friends and family.

For noobs: You have to seed the torrent. Just keep your computer switched on for sometime until the others download it. Your IP address should not change!

Got any questions? Fire it up!

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