[Solved] iPad / iPhone stuck and going back to DFU mode. Restore error 1600, 1601, 1602, 160x

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The power button on my iPad was not working. I knew it was not a hardware problem because the it wasn’t stuck or anything. It was on iOS 4.2.1. Thought this was a good time to restore to 4.3.3 and ‘get updated’ to the new features like nitro JS engine, multitouch gestures etc.

This is not a tutorial but a story of screw ups. If you are facing the same issues, you might follow this if you like but I’m not responsible for any damages.

Here’s what I did.

1) I downloaded the 4.3.3 IPSW (Thankfully, I had the .shsh file saved through TinyUmbrella).

2) I opened TinyUmbrella and started the TSS server to fool iTunes to believing that my computer is the Apple’s verification server. Internally, this is done by the DNS hosts file.

3) Opened iTunes. Shift + Click on restore. Loaded the 4.3.3 IPSW.

4) As you might expect, it didn’t work. Error 1600 / 1601 / 1603 / 1604 . I’m not sure.

5) Put my iPad into DFU mode and tried. It restored it alright but it was back to DFU mode after that.

6) As it was on DFU. I built a custom IPSW using SnowBreeze and tried. Same result.

7) Tried with RedSn0w. It booted by got stuck at “Installing Bundles”.

8) Tried booting RedSn0w tethered. Small success, it went to recovery mode. Unplug and replug. Go to iTunes, name the iPad and I’m in.

9) Now, the problem, as soon as I power off, It went to DFU mode no matter what. Guess the Boot Sectors were screwed up.

10) This might be the crucial step towards the fix.

Went to ‘jailbreakme.com’ on Mobile Safari and installed the jailbreak. Once, I powered down, screwed, even the display stopped working. Was hearing sound on the headphones that’s all.

11) I still had the Sn0wBreeze IPSW. So, used iREB to go to DFU mode (the iPad was working without display).

12) Went to iTunes and Pressed Shift + Restore with finger crossed and Tada! Apple logo on the pad. Yay!

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