[DIY] Stereo input for the Sony Ericsson Portable Speakers

My mum wanted a portable speaker for her iPod (She’s obsessed with this article about headphones being bad for her ears). I had almost ordered the xMini speakers when I remembered I already had a portable speaker from my Sony Ericsson W810i.

It didn’t have a stereo (3.5 mm) port, just the Sony Ericsson connector. If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I’m the cheapest ass in town :D. I soldered in a stereo setup, here’s how.

1) Open up the Speaker using Torx 6 screwdriver (T6).

2) Solder the connection as per this pic. It also needs an external power source (+5V), you can use USB, a 5V adapter, or even a discarded battery 😀



3) Here are some alternative points that I could find out (I broke the Sony Ericsson port *facepalm*).


4) Erm, thats it. Do all the cosmetic stuff (I <3 Hotglue) and Tada!

Sony Ericsson speakers charging

Playing on the hot seat (I mean the charging dock 🙂 )

This time, I have a video for you. By this, I’m launching my YouTube Channel. There’ll be better videos so, don’t forget to subscribe 😉

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