Things to Understand before watching Inception [No Spoilers]

It is the movie of dreams, quite literally :P. One of the rarest I’ve seen. I don’t  think even the makers ever imagined it to be so engrossing.  If you have eyes to watch, this movie is a gift and a challenge to your intellect.

The reason for me going gaga about  it, is that there is a great level of connectivity with the audience. More than a movie it is a game! Yes, I know it’s hard to believe it, but it’s game! Basically, you join dots from scene to scene. You mentally work out the reason for the events in the scene. The sense of revelation hits you in the face! That’s one thing you wouldn’t want to miss. I really can put that into words. So, go watch the movie!

Yea, the movie is a little confusing but there’s the fun in it. According to me, one can’t understand the movie, completely. You can kind of make your own interpretation of the movie. It’s up to your imagination, really. In my opinion, Christopher Nolan has purposefully put in loop holes to make it ambiguous. That makes it awesome. That’s why it’s the most discussed topic nowadays!

Also, some of the dialogues are so very crafted that one can’t understand that in one go. They’ll need to think about it for sometime. The first 5-10 minutes is leeetle dry but one of the most important part. So, give it a good listen. If you do that, the movie will be a treat.

My tip would be to concentrate on some “keywords” they explain in the film. Here’s some things you need to know to enjoy the movie:

Also, when you come across the scene where DiCaprio and Ellen talk at a coffee shop, keep your ears open.

Inception is about an espionage expert, Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio), who has a highly specialized way of stealing corporate secrets: He extracts them from within the dreams of his targets.

1) Totem –  A totem is what you use to differentiate between reality and a dream world. Only the owner of the totem knows its exact balance, weight etc.

2) Kick – A kick is one way to pull someone out of a dream. Usually a signal will be given to the dreamer to make them aware that a kick is coming.

3) Limbo – It’s pure sub conscious state of mind where you are the god. Some kind of Coma, I guess.

Ok, I admit it does spoil a wee bit, but it’s totally worth it.

If you’re done watching the movie read this: Dream A Little Bigger: A Guide To Understanding Inception (Contains a lot of spoilers)

A really good article explaining things and some theories put forward by the enthusiasts.

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