txtGPS – GPS navigation on SMS (without data plan)

txtGPS is a GPS navigation system that works on SMS. So, you can use it without a Data plan i.e the internet. Might get you out of a tight spot (or you are just are just as cheap as me :D).
As you all know, GPS is free and Data plan is not. This app basically gets the GPS coordinates and sends a text message to txtweb.com’s number to fetch the navigation directions.
As of now, it perfectly supports India. US and Canada can be added if needed.
Supports Android. Might add support to more platforms.
Things worth mentioning:
No premium cost is charged. So, if you have the free SMS pack thingy, this is pretty much free of cost.
The SMS number is from Bangalore.
So, its a local SMS if you send from Bangalore.
Other places, this will be counted as national SMS, if your free SMS pack includes national SMS, this is free else will be charged.
Use this QR code to install the app using a QR Code scanner on your android mobile and you are good to go.
Click here to manually download the APK

Let me know if you have any problems and/or suggestions.

Note: Make sure you have enables GPS. The usual GPS stuff, make sure you can see the sky (GPS cannot work indoors).  


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