WordPress WXR file splitter for Mac OS X

I had been looking for a WordPress WXR (WordPress eXtended RSS) export file splitter as some hosts has limits over the upload file size limit and at times, I don’t get root access to edit the PHP.ini to lift the limits.

Windows has a neat little tool that helps people split WXR export files. http://www.rangerpretzel.com/content/view/20/1/

Sadly, at the time of this writing, none seems to be available for the Mac platform. That was a bummer.

I had some free time. So, I wrote one. Let me know what you think.

Click here to Download.

And oh, it’s also open source https://github.com/suhastech/Wordpress-WXR-Splitter/

Known Bugs:

  • If a particular post is greater than the maximum size, it doesn’t work. We can’t split it, we could probably make only that file bigger than the maximum size? I’m a bit busy, I’d love to receive a pull request if you stumble upon this.


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