Complete guide : How to Fix RRoD on your Xbox 360

First of all I would like to thank all the people involved on Xbox-scene, Llamma and other forums who have made this repair possible.

Disclaimer: Do not use this method if you have the warranty. Use this method as your last resort.

What is RRoD?

Basically, RRoD (Red Ring of Death) is a name given to Microsoft’s 3 Red light error and is a caused by cheap manufacturing.

How do you find out the reason causing RRoD on your Xbox 360?


Hold the Sync button and press the Eject button 4 times. You’ll find different number of quadrants of red lights illuminating. Using this you can make a code out of it. Here is the legend.

All four lights illuminate = 0
One Light = 1
Two Lights = 2
Three Lights = 3

Fixes as per the Codes:

1) Part 1

1RROD E73; E74;
2RROD 0011; 0012;
3RROD 0002; 0020; 0021; 0022; 0023; 0101; 0102; 0103; 0110; 0203

These errors can be fixed by X-Clamp replacement method. Click here for the tutorial.

2) Part 2

3RROD 0001, 0002

Click here for the tutorial.

After your fix, you can try the 12 Volt cooling mod. This ensure longer life of your fix.

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